Tuesday, January 25, 2011

6 Updates

1. drumroll please... Noah totally stepped up during my 4 day working weekend and kept the house somewhat clean all weekend! Yahoo!

2. The kids and I were sledding today and I attempted to snowboard down the hill. I remained in an upright position for about 4 feet. I turned to see Roman and Deacon looking at me with completely bland faces. Roman said, "I think you should bend your knees more" and Deacon said, "well, I guess I do have more experience". There were no more attempts. If you aren't going to impress anyone, there is no need to risk breaking appendages.

3. Berean had escaped again and was in the basement with the boys. I asked Deacon if he was keeping an eye on her and if she was getting into trouble. He said, "She's finding her own fun, and lately her fun has been okay."

4. Noah and I got up and exercised before the kids woke up this morning. I attempt this periodically but it never has worked before. Maybe this will stick? I actually felt really happy all day, but I am not really convinced that this plan will continue to work- mostly because of my crazy night shift thing.

5. Lincoln wanted to go down the slide with me today and said "you and me". He then pointed to the sled and said "you, then me". He usually uses a minimal amount of words and so to hear him use a word like "then" as a connecting word was really cool.

6. Berean is playing! She picked up a wooden puzzle that Lincoln had been playing with and attempted to put the pieces into the slots! She also threw a ball. She is not so much a baby anymore...

The best update, however?

The temperature is no longer sub zero! Maybe that is the reason I am so happy!

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Johanna said...

oh my gosh, these Deacon comments are precious! Stand up comedian in the making!