Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Confession

*I went to vaccum the stairs this week and my stair attachment was not in it's rightful place. I remembered where I had last seen it, and was soon on my hands and knees pulling it out from under the couch.

*I haven't sewn any Awana patches or Upward patches on yet this year. When Deacon was first in Cubbies I sewed them on as soon as he got them. At that same time there was a girl in my sparks group who never had her patches on her vest. Her mom had 6 children and I am afraid I was a little judgy-judgy about the whole thing. Now I am *that mom*.

*Another Mom at Awana asked me where the Sunday School patches were supposed to go. I showed her on Roman's vest and admitted that I hadn't put any of his on yet. I commented something about being the "bad mom" this year and not getting it done. Roman, who had been listening to the whole conversation, piped up "Well, I don't think that that makes you a bad mom!" Deacon may not agree, but at least one child isn't that broken up about the whole thing!

*I keep several pairs of socks by the front door. The boys just grab a pair when they put their shoes on to leave the house. They remove them and throw them back in the pile when they get home. This solution was born out of necessity. They always take their socks off and so I was always finding random socks and throwing them into the laundry room. Then they would take out clean ones and only 2 days into the new clothes washing cycle, they would be out of socks. Now, they may be wearing dirty socks, but at least I am not overdoing laundry.

*Berean circles under the table waiting for legos to drop. Berean keeps an eye out to make sure she notices right away if the bathroom door gets left open, so she can shred toilet paper. Berean hangs out by the dishwasher, waiting for it to open. While she waits she eats crumbs off the floor.

*Lincoln came into the office this week and announced that the "moie" was "boing". (the movie was boring). This was the first time that I got super excited and even recorded a video of my child saying something was "boing". It was just so exciting for him to get the "b" in there on his own!

*When we dropped Lincoln off at school last week, I let Deacon and Roman run the long way around on the far sidewalk. We do this every week because they think it is exciting, and I am just thankful that it allows them to run off extra energy. B, L and I were waiting at the door when I noticed that there was an elementary class that had come outside and was grouping on the sidewalk that the boys were on. Roman put his head down and dashed through but I saw that Deacon was stopped. It was taking a long time, and I almost walked over there to see what was going on, when Deacon finally broke free and trotted over. Apparently the teacher had thought he had escaped from a different classroom and Deke had a hard time convincing him that was not the case.


Elise said...

I love your last tid-bit. It reminds me of being homeschooled and always feeling like people were giving me a "Why aren't you in school?" look if I went out during the day.

Grandma Debbie said...

Pin the patches where you want them and drop them off when you bring the kids. I'd be happy to sew them on!