Friday, January 7, 2011


It is a cold, windy January day. Ugh. It makes me very crabby to think of leaving my nice warm house. In here I have access to hot chocolate, blankets, bathrobes, books, internet and 4 (very) warm (overly) cuddly children.

Out there I am subjected to not only the elements but also (very) cold (overly) whiny children.

This morning, in my rush to get everything I needed out the door and into the van, I forgot my hat. Yesterday, in an effort to become a (very) clean and (overly) tidy person I had cleaned out my van, which included removing Noah's hat from the front seat.

So I was (very) hatless.

And, then I realized that I was (very nearly) gasless.

And I was (overly) cranky.

Instead of all that, however, I thought I would write about some different presents that we all got for Christmas.

1. Scarves! I went to Old Navy on their $1 scarf Saturday and got 6 scarves! I was only allowed 5, but I brought my sister and she bought some and donated one to me. (or maybe I owe her a dollar...) Lincoln got a red one, Noah navy blue, Deacon black, Roman and I got stripes and Berean got polka dots. And guess what? They all (even Noah) use them often (Lincoln wears his every time he walks out the door!). Definitely $6 (or $5 :), well spent!

2. Crayola Twistable Crayons! The boys got these from my cousins and they love them and use them everyday! I had seen these in the store, but never purchased them.

3. Legos! It was truly a legoriffic Christmas!

4. Jedi robes! My mom made the boys Jedi robes.
5. One of my sisters got me bowls to replace the ones I have donated to the "C.F.V.C (cause for vomiting children). My other sister searched thrift stores for new sweaters for me (love them and love that they are from thrift stores! Reduce, reuse, recycle!)
6. Noah got a Ninja Kitchen system (which makes him very gleeful as he crushes ice) and I got a new camera that will be easier for me to carry around when it is just me and the kids.
7. Fruit Trees!
Ahh...that gives me sweet memories of warm weather. On that note I must be off to go curl up on the couch and take a winter nap...

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