Monday, January 17, 2011

Measurable Goals

Oh, how I love measurable goals.

In nursing school we had to write nursing care plans,

and the goals needed to be measurable.

It is challenging to write goals like that,

it takes more time and effort to write out the steps,

the mini achievements,

instead of just the grandiose, vague end result.

And some things are not well measured.

The strength of a relationship?

It is more of a feeling, a contentment, a lack of stress when thinking about it.

It is harder to measure improvement.

The strength of a body?

It is not a feeling,

you know that you used to be able to lift 10 pounds, then 15, then 20.

Measurable. Concrete. Definite improvement.

It is fun to watch the kids.


Moving from rolling, to crawling, to standing, to crusing, to holding on with one hand,

gripping one finger.


No words, to five words, to singing the alphabet, to spelling his name,

to pointing out words on a sign.


Screaming, to scared eyes, to tentative steps, to jumping in the water

with only a teacher.


Putting a harness on, to climbing 2 feet, to climbing 6 feet, to climbing 10 feet, to

ringing the bell.




Love it.

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