Saturday, January 22, 2011

Did Not Win "Mother of the Year" this Week....

It has been one of those weeks.
You know, the ones where the kids and the mom and the dad are just not really in sync.
Or maybe that doesn't happen at your houses.
Part of the problem is the cold,
and the all-indoor activities.
Part of it is the poor mom who has not been able to exercise this week due to circumstances.
Part of it is the constant messes and the complaining when it is time to clean up.
And part of it is pushing the limits.
Thursday afternoon I was cooking and Berean was chasing me around the kitchen fussing and screeching. I explained to her that I needed to finish a few things in the kitchen, and she was going to have to wait. She didn't like that so much. I knew she was kind of tired, but considering that we were only 45 minutes out from needing to pick Lincoln up at preschool, I knew that her nap was going to have to wait.
I have never had a kid that would just randomly fall asleep.
I do now.


Rachel said...

Oh, do I know what those weeks are like. They leave me feeling like a horrible mom too, even though when I sit back and analyze the week/day, I realize it's just life and not necessarily me. It makes me wonder how moms like Michelle Duggar do it, without feeling like they're short changing their kids (whether the kids feel short-changed or not). Here's to a new week coming soon!

Elise said...

Love the picture!

Grandma Debbie said...

Glad you got a photo. I always regret that I did not take a photo of Noah the time he was in his high chair, turned his head to the side, and laid it down in his spaghetti - fast asleep. I felt like such a horrible mother, I never thought to get a photo.