Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Goals

I was hoping to go back to my 2010 goals, evaluate them and then regroup for 2011; but alas, I can't find my 2010 goals.

I am pretty sure one of the goals was to be more organized.

Probably that goal can be classified as a failure.

oh well.

I know that I wrote them down last year, and probably intended to blog about them and just never got around to it. Of course, I don't label my posts, so I could just be missing them. But probably not.

My plan was to evaluate 2010 first and then post a plan for 2011, but I think it would be safer to post my plan for 2011 now- after all, the odds of me never doing it go up with each passing day.

So, here goes (please note: this is all off the top of my head, and I will probably be adding and subtracting from this list as the year goes on :) It is how I roll!)

-2010 was not my best year. I gave birth in March, and even though I have lost all my weight (and more!) I do not feel like I am in that great of shape. It is hard to fit workouts in with working on the weekends and all 4 kids during the week, but I am determined to keep trying!-
*Jan/Feb Aggressive 5k training plan with goal for running a 5k in 25 minutes by the end of February.
*continue slowly easing into running in my 5 fingered running shoes
*Tri training program with goals of completing 3 tris this summer and possibly a 1/2 marathon in the fall
*run with Deacon- goal of him being able to run a mile by end of school year
*get my name on the 100 mile swim board at the Y (this has been an elusive goal for me, maybe this is the year!?)
*rock climb and swim with the kids
*biking this summer with the family

-2010 was a bad academic year for me. I had wanted to spend time studying for a nursing certification, but never did. I started homeschooling the boys, so that was good, but personally and professionally I didn't do much of anything-
*study for the CCRN exam. I am not sure how I am going to fit this in yet, but I would like to try.
*play lots of games with Noah and the kids
*learn along with the kids, study in more depth what I am teaching them
*research curriculums and come up with a firmer plan for the boys schooling
*continue to homeschool the boys!

-in 2010 we bought the lot, did yardwork, bought a new furnace and airconditioner and did a lot of clutter reduction. We also did some painting.-
*plant a managable garden
*plant fruit trees (Christmas gift from in-laws!)
*keep eye out for new furniture
*cabinets to kitchen/dining room
*shelfs/organizational system to Master Bedroom closet
*Stay faithful with a "floor of the week" clutter management/cleaning schedule
*hold the children responsible for cleaning up after themselves
*Home Management Binder (never thought I would do it, but last weekend I finally put one together and I have high hopes for it).

-Noah and I put a lot of hours in at work in 2010. I also spent a lot of time setting up a couponing system and implementing strategies to reduce grocery bills. I am proud of how we curtailed our spending this year-
*Continue couponing
*Meal planning weekly
*Do 3 big "freezer meal" cooking days throughout the year
*Get budget I put together approved by Noah and follow it!
~I do have more financial goals then this, but this is a public blog so I am choosing not to blog them here~

-2010 was a year of transitions for us. Starting to homeschool, continuing to work and managing 4 children has dramatically decreased the amount of personal time that I have and the amount of time that I have to hang out with friends-
*Blog 5 times a week
*incorporate friends into things that I have to do (ie: meal plan or freezer meals together, go places with our kids together, etc)
*READ- start back up my reading time to a minimum of 1 chapter of nonfiction a day and 1 chapter of fiction
*have people over every other weekend (this is VERY important to Noah and we have discussed it and I have decided that as long as we keep it simple, I think I will be able to handle it without nervous breakdowns)
*make time to have playdates with people my younger children's ages!

-2010 marked 10 years of marriage for us! I still love him!-
*Read Love and Respect
*Establish specific dates together throughout the week
*emails, phone calls
*1-2 weekend trips

-It is a time consuming tasks to manage 4 kids and all their individual needs!-
*Family activity 5-6 nights a week (rockclimbing, swimming, game, puzzle, Family Talent showe, Wii)
*Supper together 5-6 nights a week
*Continue to read (and reread) parenting books
*come up with an organized way to pray diligently for our kids
*implement 1-2 ways to teach/give our children the opportunity to serve others!

Once again this one is more personal, but here are a few of my GOALS:
*explore both spiritual and Biblical topics and timelines with the kids
*Finish Beth Moore Daniel study
*Bible study this summer with kids
*continue to volunteer at church
*organized prayer life

As I said, I will be revamping and tweaking these over the next few weeks- but it is a start! What are your goals for 2011?


Matt said...

Ambitious goals, good luck with them - we're hoping to plant an orchard at our place too! Maybe we could start a fruit co-op -- it would just be really small :-)

The Three 22nds said...

we have to figure out exactly what we are going to do. I, of course, want apples because it seems easiest and most straight forward. Noah has all kinds of ideas. I want to get blueberries too, though, and I am reallly hoping our rasberries and blackberries and strawberries pull through...

Foster said...

I am going to steal some of your goals for myself. I have a love for making lists, but I never follow them so that is my goal this year. My other goal, is surviving with 4 kids. #4 due in Aug.

LS said...

Awesome goal post! Very inspiring! I'm a bit intimidated by it though as I am overwhelmed with four kids and we are not remodeling, I don't run triathalons or even work out regularly, and I don't work 20 hours a week! I don't know how you squeeze it all in but I admire you and learn from you and I'll be posting my own goals on my blog soon. I see you stretching yourself and growing in those domestic areas you claim not to be good in! A home management binder? Freezer cooking? Menu planning? Wow! You go girl!

P.S. I bet Becki would gladly do playdates for Berean and Cole =)