Friday, January 14, 2011

Berean's 10 month Update

Berean turned 10 months old on the 7th.

She is not walking on her own yet, but is walking while pushing objects around. She also likes to climb on things like children's tables (especially picnic tables), stools, couch and chair arms, people and toys. And she loves the stairs. A lot. Thankfully, she navigates them well. She has taken to sitting on her knees or in the "W" position.

She still puts everything in her mouth- now though if we tell her to take it out, she will usually comply.

Her favorite things to do are: 1. Emptying her clothes crates 2. Laughing at her brothers 3. Climbing things 4. Emptying the cupboards 5. Emptying her toy box 6. Emptying the dish washer.

She is still not a huge eater and will often pocket her food (much the same as she does with other things she mouths). Berean still likes to nurse a lot, but has decreased the amount of times a day. Now, when I work nights Noah can just get her up and give her breakfast instead of thawing breastmilk for her. Of course she goes crazy when I walk in the door, but I guess that is to be expected :)

Berean now says 5 words. (or at least she imitates them. Sometimes it seems she understands the meanings, and sometimes it doesn't):

dada (daddy)
mama (Mama)
ma en (muffin)
a da (all done)
ba ba (baby)

Even though she is getting into the boy's stuff more now, they still love her and are surprisingly gentle and patient with her. In fact, if she does something they don't like they are more likely to blame me for not watching her properly instead of her for doing it. I don't know which I prefer :)


Karla said...

It is so cute how much they love her.

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