Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's Go Back to High School Part 2

We left off with Noah heading off to Summit (back in 1996). We left with me being convinced that there would be lots of girls vying for his attention.

And I was right.

They were seriously hunting for boyfriends (ahem...courtship partners) and even Noah (as relationshiply dense as he could be at times) could see that.

I knew that 1 or 2 of them had written to him post-Summit, but he had chronicled his adventures for me upon his return, and I concluded that there was no imminent female threat to our relationship; well, at least not from Colorado. We didn't exactly have a well defined relationship anyway, so there wasn't a lot I could do even if something had come up.

Life went on and Summit faded into the distant past. We had lots more things to think about: 1. The crisis when Noah almost went to Michigan to school, 2. The crisis where I almost went to school in Canada, 3. The crisis where our relationship just about ended forever. 4.the crisis etc, etc.

After all that was over we moved on to getting engaged, getting married, moving out of state, having a baby. And then another baby. And then another baby. And then one more baby.

Finally, with all that stuff out of the way, we could readdress the girls at Summit.

Well, actually, I decided that it was time for Noah to go through a box of assorted papers in the basement. Noah doesn't like to get rid of stuff, and so (with his permission) I began to help him sort out the myriad of papers that had been haphazardly thrown into a filebox 10 years ago- a box had always just been marked "Noah" and had gotten moved along with barely a glance.

We started going through graduation cards, old bank statements, maps, old college (and high school) papers. And then there was the old correspondence. Most of it was from me, and so I pulled out anything with my handwriting on it to dump into the box full of letters in the office. I left the rest of the letters for him to review- I honestly wasn't sure what I would find.

A couple minutes later he started laughing and handed me a letter. It was a letter from a girl, and he didn't recognize the name. We finally established that it was a girl he had met at Summit, and from some other letters we found, it was clear that she had been quite interested in him.

The reason it was so funny was this, though:

Paragraph #1: thanking him for writing her back

Paragraph #2: comment about a test she had taken

Paragraph #3: "Well, I hope your hitting techniques will improve soon and if it doesn't I'm sure nobody notices."

I just started laughing when I read that. That poor girl! I can just imagine how excited she was to get a letter from him, only to open it and find an epistle documenting his latest struggles with "hitting technique".

I have read his pages on baseball, and I am pretty sure that was not what the girl was hoping to read.

Apparently I was all stressed out in 1996 for nothing.

(don't you all just miss high school?!)

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