Tuesday, August 10, 2010


a couple of things have come out of writing this post. First of all, Noah's aunt wrote me a lovely email that made me feel better about not being traditionally organized. It was a very encouraging note and the fact that it came from her, a woman that I consider to be smart, independent and creative, made it all the better. Because I like smart, independent and creative women and I like to be like them :)

Secondly it led to a conversation with my sister regarding organization. Not that my sister reads my blog. I read her book though and it was really long, so maybe she will read my blog someday. Anyway, last week I called her up and asked if I could tag along on one of her 10 mile runs. I considered it to be a more tolerable affair if I had company, and Noah was decidedly not interested. So we ran 10 miles and as we ran, we talked.

She told me that she had also tried traditional methods of organization and none of them worked well for her. She said that she now has a notebook. She carries this notebook in her purse and writes down everything in it. Recipes, passwords, reminders, directions - everything she needs to keep or remember. She writes in different colors and styles, different pages and different directions. And when one notebook is full, she puts it away and starts another. She may not remember exactly where something is written, but because of the variety of colors etc she can usually find it. The items are not color coded, however, mind you. Some things just happen to be a different color. Wow, I am rambling.

I got home from my run and announced to Noah that I needed a notebook to carry around with me. His eyes lit up (because he loves to buy me things) and told me to "never fear" that he was "on it" and would "get me a notebook." I was slightly concerned.

I love the boy, but the fact that he was so excited about the purchase of a notebook made me wonder what kind of notebook I would be getting.

The other day he presented this to me:

Yes, my friends, it is an all-weather military memo book. He showed it to me on the same day that I had purchased a cute but simple 50 cent notebook at Target. It had a flower on it, and I felt like I had splurged because I bought the 50cent one instead of the 15cent number.

"It's very nice." I stated.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Well, it is fine I guess, but it is not very cute." I managed to reply.

"You might think it is cuter when you read what I wrote inside" he countered, "and besides it is small so you can carry it with you."

I opened it up.

This is what he wrote inside:

"Roses are red, Violets are blue.

I am not well organized, neither are you

So along with my love, and a corny verse

here's a notebook for your diaper bag/purse

Roses are still red, violets blue

the notebook is green, and I love you!"

Then he reminded me to use a ball point pen.

And do you know what? He is right. The notebook is much cuter now.


I was planning to end the post there, but I must go on. The last couple days have been interesting. I decided to see if my sister wants to run a 1/2 marathon with me in a couple of months. Before I called her, she called me to tell me she is injured. Hopefully she will heal quickly so we can still do it, because I was getting kind of excited about it.

My triathlon is coming up this weekend. I am not prepared in the least. My workouts keep getting cut short or cut out all together as other things come up. Things like sick kids, kids with poopy diapers, whiny kids, work, etc. I am just hoping to finish and not much else.

Deacon got stung 5 times yesterday. He managed to fall onto an underground wasp/hornet/yellow jacket nest.

We had a nice Sunday. All of a sudden last night, however, Noah started getting chills. We were concerned that he had heat exhaustion or something. It has been in the 90s here and our A/C is still on the fritz. You may wonder why we haven't purchased a new one. Well, I will tell you why- it is simply because we stink at making decisions so we have been waffling on brands, companies, sales people and overthinking everything. But we did decide and the install will start tomorrow. Anyway, Sunday evening we were thinking it was something with the heat so he was drinking a lot of water and taking in electrolytes. This morning he had a bad sore throat and his temp was still around 102 even after tylenol and ibuprofen as often as allowed. He was in rough shape.

Still is, in fact.

He is the best sick person to take care of, though. He just lays in bed quietly. When I bring him a drink or check on him, he always thanks me and apologizes for being sick. I know he he has got to be miserable with a fever that high (it was 102.9 at the doctors, 1 hour after tylenol!) and a bad headache and sorethroat, but he just suffers in silence.

Anyway, I took him to the Doctor and he has strep throat.

Roman does too. And I think he has had it and has been the carrier.

So now Noah, Roman and I are all on antibiodics. Deacon just finished up a course for his ear infection, so he should be good. I suspect he had strep as well.

Noah is still pretty sick. I am a little worried about him and I hope the antibiodics kick in soon. I think he is a little worried too.

Well, I suppose I should go check on him and see if he needs anything. At least he has a compassionate nurse for a wife :)

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Thia said...

That whole notebook thing is too cute! I kind of do the same thing as far as carrying it everywhere, then stashing it when full. Drives my husband nuts b/c I have boxes full of journals, piles of notebooks etc. But at least I have a ball park idea of where something is when he needs it. I don't think it's fair to expect a wife/mother of so many to remember everything!
I hope everyone is on the road to recovery soon!

Elise said...

Noah - when you feel better you should also get Julie one of those space pens that writes underwater/upside-down/in outer space. It would go well with her all-weather notebook.

Karla said...

I leave and things fall apart...but don't worry I am back from Iowa...

Grandma Debbie said...

Maybe you should rename the blog - The antibiotics of the three 22nds!

Johanna said...

oh, that is super cute. I always thought it would be very cute to receive love poems that were kinda corny. on an unrelated note, Jared was always getting stung by things growing up. Poor kid, I'd suggest an area to play in and then he'd happily comply and then he'd get stung and I'd be fine. He still talks to me, but he's also chosen to live in France--far away from me and my ideas of where to play.