Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Santa, are you for real?

Berean was in her seat today and I noticed Lincoln go over and pretend to sit on her. I opened my mouth to ask him to stop- and then heard the cackle.

Yep, you guessed right- she thought it was the funniest thing ever. She laughed and laughed.

So of course he kept doing it. And she kept laughing.


That little girl likes to be where the action is, and the boys like her to be right near them while they play. Deacon hauls her around and sets her nearby the current play area as they move about their business. We are still working on appropriate places to put her, though, so I keep a close eye out for shenanigans.


On the way to soccer camp this evening the neighbor kid mentioned that his older sister doesn't think that Santa is real. Deacon said, "Santa is not real." The debate was on. I stayed out of it. The kid doesn't think that there is any possible way that Santa could be his mom because he knows she was sleeping all of Christmas Eve night last year.


Noah took the boys camping for 1 night this weekend. It sounds like they had a good time with Grandpa, Grandma, James and Genna. They sure were dirty! Berean and I had a nice time at home. Too bad that I had to work a 12 hour shift during the 30 hours that they were gone- sleep and work ate up most of my potential free time.


I am getting really tired of dealing with large corporations on the phone. I spend so much time just managing the paperwork that is required for our families day-to-day activities. Last month the bank mistakenly withdrew our mortgage payment from our bank twice. There were extended phone conversations trying to get this worked out. They told us that to get our money back we would have to fax this whole official appeal thing to some office (because even though it was their mistake they say they have no other way to return our money to us). Our other option was just to let it be the next month's payment. We chose that option. Only now, guess what? They withdrew another payment this month! Why am I surprised? I have no idea. I should have known that something so complicated would not get corrected properly.

And then we got a letter from our insurance company stating that they received our appeal about Lincoln's speech therapy. Only problem? They had the dates all wrong. Even though we had been over it. And over it. And over it.

Did I mention that I am tired of dealing with large corporations?

Noah will have to call tomorrow. I am flat out of nice.


Auntie Kendy said...

I am with you on that phone calls, paperwork required to fix problems that others caused! Frustrating!

Grandma Joyce said...

I'm with you too!

Johanna said...

seriously! how annoying. I just impersonated our foreign exchange student when we tried to activate her cell phone. i think mitch from india thought it was odd that i had trouble spelling my name and remembering my birthday. oh well. i do what i can. i'd be happy to impersonate you if you think it would help!