Saturday, August 7, 2010

I am on the edge of my seat

*Dear sweet Roman always wears pajamas. 2 days ago he scraped his finger. This was very upsetting to him. We put a bandaid on it and soon he came back wearing a Batman glove on that hand. He has been wearing that glove ever since. Well, until he got it wet tonight and Noah made him take it off. I am very curious to find out if tomorrow morning all will be forgotten, or if he will put it back on and continue to wear it. Will it take the place of his pajamas? Will it just be added? What will happen?!

*Berean will be 5 months tomorrow. She can sit up for very brief periods of time, but not nearly as well as the boys did at her age. But guess what she can do? She scoots. She puts her butt in the air, digs her toes in and then uses a combination of forehead and arms to move foreward. Great. She isn't very quick and it easily frusterated, but she is improving everyday. I am very curious to see how this situation develops as well.

*Berean also has shown signs of waving. When we wave at her she will sometimes open and shut one of her hands. This is being overanalyzed by all of us, as is our nature, and will keep you informed about this development as it progresses.

*Deacon is convinced that he needs a $100 bill and a credit card. I asked him if he knows what money really is and he answered "hard work". He learned that from "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I am proud and hope that he always remembers that. I have often kept myself from buying something by thinking of it in terms of "how many hours of keeping a withdrawing patient in bed will I have to work to buy that".

*By the way, we told him "no deal" on the credit card and that he will have to work for it if he wants a $100 bill.

*Lincoln said "Roman" yesterday VERY clearly. This is big news and was kind of funny. I walked into my room to find Roman and Lincoln and an overturned basket of my stuff. I said, "who did this?" Lincoln stood up, pointed a finger at Roman's chest and said "ROMAN" for the first time in his life. In retrospect I realize that no one got in trouble because I was too excited! I am also waiting expectantly to see what will happen in this situation. I have decided to pray fervently that we will see an explosion of language from Lincoln this month as we wait to hear on the insurance debacle. We know that God can do miraculous things, but Noah and I in our pragmatic natures have a hard time "praying with expectation". This will be a learning experience for all of us.

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Johanna said...

*I am curious what Deacon will have to do to obtain his $100 bill
*I think all forms of baby mobility are adorable
*I think that praying with expectation is very, very, very cool. It is kinda scary cuz you don't know what the outcome will be. But I'm pretty convinced that God really adores answering our prayers and the more consistently we're in conversation with him about stuff, the more we'll start hearing from him--the funny thing is that what we hear often isn't even what we began talking to him about. So, pray expectantly and then expect to hear God--maybe not a cookie cutter answer to your prayer, but definitely a confirmation of his presence and intense care about your situation!