Thursday, August 12, 2010


Deacon said, "Berean looks diappointed. Kinda like she lost her purse down the drain."
Or maybe he is the one who lost his lego gun down the drain and basically wanted to drag the city's water supply to find it.
Or maybe she did lose her purse.
Who can say?


Johanna said...

if Berean has a purse that she has the potential of losing, I am probably going to laugh for quite a while. But on another note, I actually did laugh for quite a while thinking about Deacon's description of the main reason why a person might look upset. Really? That's what he came up with? Tentatively, I'm going to say that if he's that intuitive now, his future girlfriend/wife is going to be blessed by a really sweet, understanding guy. Who doesn't make fun of her for being upset about losing her purse and choose that time to make fun of how big it is or how much stuff she keeps in it, but will just say "Hey babe, you look kinda upset. Did you lose your purse?"

The Three 22nds said...

She has a toy purse. It is her one toy that is just hers, and not a hand-me-down. The boys sit and go through it with her, showing her what she has in there and explaining it to her.