Monday, August 2, 2010


We went up to Duluth for the weekend...
Lincoln loved the little pool where he could touch and just swim around on his own.

He was nice enough to decide to be compliant for awhile so that we could get some pictures.

He is talking a lot more, and his goofy behavior keeps his speech teachers giggling.

His blue crocs are in terrible shape. He wants red ones, so we have been looking.
Red is his favorite color.


Johanna said...

oh my gosh, so adorable! love his smile!

Karla said...

I like how he is standing...he is so cute!

Elise said...

These pictures (and the new header) are so cute! I too like the way Lincoln is standing. He looks like he's straight out of a child's clothing ad with that adorable smile.

But said...

Yes Elise, Link could be straight out of a kids' clothing ad, while my other kids tend to look like straight out of a homeless shelter or a gym * **

* Because they won't wear normal clothes

** No offense to homeless people