Friday, July 23, 2010

My Little Secrets

1. I am really unorganized. If you look at random backs of envelopes, calendars and letters around my house you will find odd combinations of letters and numbers. Some may be circled. Do you know what they are? Passwords. Confirmation codes. Log ins. But nothing is marked, so if I come across a code I wrote I usually have no idea what it is for. So I put it in a drawer as a possibility to try sometime if I am stuck.

I also don't label my blog posts so I have no idea what I blog about and what I don't.

I jot stuff on a plain old calendar. I bought a calendar to use in my purse, but I don't use it. I have an ipod touch, but the only events that get put in there are entered by Noah - and even then they are just things he makes up.

This has worked up to this point in my life. Lists on scraps of paper serve me fine.

But on Monday morning I suddenly realized that in planning my day I had forgotten about speech therapy. And on Thursday it took me until midmorning to remember that t-ball should be on my radar for evening. And my shifts at work? The combination of 4s, 8s and 12s on a random schedule is finally getting hard to keep track of.

This is a stubborn thing. I really want to just remember. I don't want to have to keep careful notes or be organized. I want a mind like a steel trap.

Maybe I need to give in and organize my life.

2. People think that I am a fairly laid back mother. And I am. My 2nd born wears pajamas all the time, my first born jumps off of things. My 3rd born pees in the bushes (but only in an emergency). My babies heels sometimes hang off the blanket. But I am a freak about some things. I don't like any blankets thrown over my baby in her carseat while she sleeps. I don't put stuffed animals or blankets in her bed. Well, she finally is allowed to have this duck because it is not soft and squishy so it seems less dangerous. My kids are not allowed to unbuckle for any reason while the car is in motion and I don't leave them alone in the car for just a "minute". Except in my driveway. Those all seem common sense to me, but the more people I talk to and the more I observe, I am in the minority.

3. I am a food safety freak. It drives Noah crazy how much I ask him if he thinks something is too old to use or if it smells ok etc.

4. My follow through is not as amazing as my initial ideas. I am a little worried about this one in regard to homeschooling in the fall. I want to do well with it, but I am used to living my life a little unorganized. It is going to take a good deal of discipline to really commit to a schedule. We have never had a schedule. My babies nap on the go. We eat lunch around the same time everyday, but I have no problem being flexible. My babies eat on the go. We read books when people need to calm down. We have quiet time when we need it. We play outside when the weather is nice. They play together unless they get separated for fighting. We go to the Y when I need a run. We mow the grass when it is long. We go to the park when we are tired of being home. I am going to have to make school a first and foremost priority and that is going to be difficult for us all.

Part of the problem is that my job is such random hours. I am not sure what I am going to do about that.

5. Getting the mail was always my job as a child. And it is my job as an adult. And I get a little cranky when someone else gets it. Like Noah. Or a child. But it seems like a good way to give one of my children some independence. But I don't want to give it up. I just don't. Maybe I can have them take down and bring up the garbage cans. 'Cause do you know what? I will walk down to the get mail and walk right by the empty garbage cans on the way up the driveway. And I don't bring them back up. Why? I just don't like to.


Thia said...

I like to get the mail too and I get grumpy if someone else does it before me. Glad I'm not alone in this.

Grandma Debbie said...

I say you get the mail, Julie, and have the boys bring up the garbage cans. That way you get to enjoy getting the mail, and they don't have to cross the street.

gma pam said...

Remember our school schedule for at least the elementary years?
Math had to be done first, preferably at 9am.
After that, things got a lot more flexible.
Sorry about the mind. I think you will give in(or I hope you do or I am advising you to) and get a notebook/calendar system of some kind. It will free your mind for more important (or fun) things to think about.

Absolutely Fabulous Blair Girls said...

I can TOTALLY relate to #1-4. I personally think that my worst trait is my disorganization. I would love to have a clean and organized house like my mother's. Maybe one day I will. I hate double booking myself and missing events. I bought a HUGE desk calendar yesterday and have put it on my refrigerator. We'll see if that improves things.

Johanna said...

I rather enjoy getting the mail too! kids can do many other helpful and independent things so why give up your one true love? ;)