Monday, August 23, 2010

Side By Side (Sorry Dekes)

Roman right between 5-6 months
Lincoln (plus giant hand) between 5-6 months)

Berean between 5-6 months
Deacon came before we had a digital camera and our scanner is not working. It actually hasn't been working for 5 years. I am not holding my breath. But maybe someday I will get a picture of Deacon as a baby scanned at my parents house and post it.
I don't think that these three look anything alike.


Anonymous said...

Scanner has never worked with XP. It hasn't operated since the first computer running 98 died. :(

Genna said...

It seems to me that they all have the same nose and similar eyebrows. I think so, anyway. I couldn't find Berean's eyebrows. :)