Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Pirate Party X2

This is the "Pin (or tape) the Sword to the pirate" game at Deacon's kid party. The other pictures didn't turn out well- the camera was being weird and my main camera man wasn't home.

Here is the pirate cake for his kid party.

The Birthday Boy had to change into his new footies in the middle of his family party. We are always taking breaks during parties for the kids to go take baths with their new bath toys, or to change clothes :) This is a new book from Gpa Rog and Gma Pam.

This is his other pirate cake that his mother slaved over. Do you see the tousled hair? He gets it wet throughout the day. He is embracing the messy look. He wants to be a skateboarder.
What is a mother to do?

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