Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where I draw the line

I am a perpetually busy person and I don't usually say no to things.

But I am getting older and I have figured out that there are some times that I need to say "no" to keep myself from completely losing it.

I drew the line several years ago and wrote a personal policy for myself.

"Julie will never, ever, no matter how good the specials are or how much I am begged, ever host a "party" whether it be candles, cards, cleaning products, makeup or kitchen supplies/food."

Doing that pushes me over the edge.

I have nothing against those parties, and if I am invited to one I will certainly go if I am available- it is just hosting one that stresses me out.

But I really, really would like to GO to a Norwex party.

Of course my personal policy forbids me from hosting one myself.

But I want the washcloths and the window cleaner thingie.

I love my Norwex all purpose microfiber silver streaked blue cloth.

Anyone going to one and need a guest?

Please bring me.

1 comment:

Momma Bear said...

now i must enlist Google to fill me in on what Norwex is. I like your policy.