Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How Ironic

*Thanks for all the maid comments! I like controversial Mondays. And I like comments. I will let you know what I decide to do! I still have a hankering to be supermom, so if I did do something it would be someone to come in once or twice a month to do a big job like windows, blinds, baseboards etc.*

I have worked 32 hours at the hospital over the last 4 days. In some ways it is nice to clump my shifts and then have a lot of time off, and in other ways I would rather spread them out. But oh well, I take what I can get.

On days like today though when I am really tired I like to have lots of activities planned for the boys and me so that I can keep moving and thus avoid just falling asleep.

So we met some friends at the "faraway" park...still within walking distance, but not as close as our main haunt. I had mentioned to my friend (yes, Jamie, that is you!) that I didn't have any clue what I was going to make for supper. We have some interesting food in the fridge right now, and I haven't been grocery shopping. I only go when we are out of milk or peanut butter, and right now we are still well stocked. With those items at least.

Jamie mentioned that I could always make pancakes and eggs, which is what she does when she has nothing else in the house. I said that I suppose I could but that I feel bad about making just that after Noah cooked this weekend. On Saturday before I headed to work he grilled steak with gargonzola cheese, cooked fabulous green beans and mixed up some alfredo sauce for noodles.

And so I did nothing. Because sometimes nothing is better than pancakes, right?

I got home and my back was really hurting (wrenched something trying to avoid crashing my bike this morning. Stinkin' clip shoes.) The boys were settled in with their "4:30 screen time" and so I laid down on the couch to rest my back. Next thing I know Noah is home and I hear puttering in the kitchen. The kitchen that is devoid of food with not a supper preparation in sight.

And so he made supper.


He put mine in the oven to keep them warm while I slept.

Sometimes something, even if it is just pancakes, is better than nothing.

Maybe I will rememember that next time.



Jamie said...

Funny! How ironic indeed. It makes for a great story though!

Even more ironic, guess what WE had for dinner tonight? Yep, pancakes and eggs!

joolee said...

you got a keeper!:) Get well soon.

Momma Bear said...


Heather A said...

i love pancakes! they're not just pancakes they are like the best supper ever for me!