Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drama Follows Me

Monday was the first day of "SonRock Kids Camp" VBS.

I am codirecting the preschool portion of it.

Sunday night my sister helped me assemble 24 fishing poles out of laminate tubes, 2 beads each and string. Oh, and a drill.

Now that the stupid fishing poles are over, it is smooth sailing.

Well, smooth sailing until Wednesday when I decided we will make stepping stones out of quick dry concrete. Great, great plan.

Got the kids up and dressed, myself ready and out the door by 8:15am. Not too shabby, huh? I didn't forget a thing.

Made it through the day fine. Roman was a bit of a problem, but he has been told he will be banished to the nursery if he can't behave; so here is to hoping he will choose to toe the line.

I took a babysitter home with me to watch the kids. Basically I had 45 minutes to get everyone lunch, get Lincoln down for his nap. After that I was going to drive down to the hospital for a stroke training class. (by the way, yes. It is difficult to switch from mom to preschool director/mom to nurse back to mom etc).

So the babysitter, kids and I all unload at our house to head in. The door between the house and garage was locked. Not good. Not good at all.

I usually do keep a key in my purse "just in case", but things got switched around during vacation and we had a bolt break etc and it just never made it back into my purse.

So there we were. A babysitter, me and 3 hungry cranky kids. My parent's only live 3 miles away, but I was not sure if they actually had a key or not.

Then I remembered a second story window that was slightly open.

So I hauled the ladder to the back yard and with it and the help of a crow bar to remove the screen managed to climb into the house. The boys climbed up through the window too. The babysitter walked around.

We were like firemen.

And then I went to my class.



AllyJoy said...

Way to go! You did have a lot of drama yesterday, but I'm impressed that you remembered the open window and then got the ladder and crowbar thing to work so quickly.

Billi Jo said...

Well I liked to say we’ve never done that…but I’d be lying. The last time that happened to us we borrowed a ladder form the neighbors, making them accomplices.