Monday, June 15, 2009

Controversial Monday: The Writing on the Wall

I bought a mirror for our newly redone bathroom.

It is really too narrow. We were debating what we could do on the sides of it, or if we should keep looking.

Wis- sconces are an option (that is what Noah calls them). But I am not a huge fan.

Noah suggested we paint-write some words on the wall around it. Words like "love", "family" and "believe".

And we both laughed.

The painted "writing on the wall" is not really our thing. Especially when it sounds Hallmarky

But it seems to be the new thing.

Have you seen it? Painted, flowy greeting card words/sentences on people's walls?

What do the readers think? Cool or not?


Anonymous said...

You have been found wanting...

Auntie Kendy said...

Get a wider mirror.

Elise said...

In general I'm not a fan of quotes, words, polka-dots, decals, etc on walls unless its in a kids room. However, I had a fellow philosophy major friend in college who, when she found a particularly profound quote in her reading material, would paint it on her bedroom walls. Since the quotes weren't cheesy and she was fairly artistic, it actually was cool.

Elise said...

PS. If you have any tile left from your countertop job, you could tile a frame for the mirror.

Sally said...

I like Elise's idea to frame it with tile.

Or you could do the decals, but not words or anything flowing. At World Market there were some nice bamboo silhouettes, and also the Eiffel Tower (which probably wouldn't go right with your bathroom, but was generally neat looking).

Kim said...

I have a piece of scripture from Uppercase Living on one of my walls, and I love it. It is from Jeremiah, "As for me and my household we will serve the Lord." Sure I could frame a piece of scripture, but this makes much more of an impact.

I also have words on my basement wall. That one says "Kids and Toys Gather Here" and since it is the play half, it makes sense.

All that to say, I'm a fan.

AllyJoy said...

Not a fan!

Billi Jo said...

Cool! Love the idea. Thank you to Kim for knowing Uppercase Living, I searched for the company/name earlier and couldn't find it. Great concept.

If you need another idea...Would you consider putting a wood shelf or thicker "frame" on just one side of the mirror? For ideas search mirror on the ikea webpage then look at lillagen, mala,and molger. good luck.