Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I left you hanging after the rockclimbing adventure in Sioux Falls. Sorry :) I am sure you all are dying to know how we spent the rest of our vacation.

We stayed over night in Sioux Falls at a very nice little hotel with a pool. The next day we headed for the Sioux Falls Zoo, where Roman found this:

Yes. He sat in this thing (without it being on, I might add) for about a half hour. He was pretending that it was his dune buggy. See how he is side hugging the gorilla? He is crazy about dune buggies. And big plastic gorillas, apparently.

Deacon in a tunnel with a map. He really likes maps. He can't read them yet, but he likes to hold them. It is like a security blanket kind of thing, I think.

Roman has no interest in zoo animals. Plastic cow udders, though? They are fascinating.

Camel rides for all! Well, for four of us anyway. That is Lily the camel there, isn't she a beaut?

Here is Deacon, Deacon and Lincoln. Yes, that is right! The other camel's name was Deacon!

Sorry guys, but I must continue the vacation saga. You last saw us in Sioux Falls South Dakota, climbing rocks.


Elise said...

Funny, cute pictures! What was everyone else doing when Roman sat in the Dune Buggy for half an hour?

Heather A said...

Deacon, I love maps too! Just wait til you get your first Atlas! :)