Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Wishes and Rolling Eyes

I turn 29 on Saturday.

All I want for my birthday is a whole day to spend just with Noah. And what I want to do is this:

-go through all the boxes of his from his parent's house
-finish all the "little projects" around the house
-go through the closets, the drawers
-come up with a huge pile of stuff to give away
-go on a long bike ride
-maybe grab a chicken critter salad from Texas Roadhouse

That's it. It doesn't take much to make me happy :)

I was telling my friend Valerie about this yesterday. I said "that is what I want to do. But when I tell Noah he is going to roll his eyes and be annoyed that I don't want to do something more fun. But he won't be able to say anything because it is MY birthday and I should get to pick, right?"
So I told Noah.
And he sighed and rolled his eyes.

Because he wants to do something fun (and he doesn't want to get rid of any of his junk).
And that is the way we are.
I may have asked this last year, but since I don't label my posts I don't know.
What do you like to do for your birthdays?
Surprise parties?
Family parties?
Dinner out with friends?
Hanging with the kids?
Time with spouse?
(obviously everyone wants a trip, but lets keep it realistic and in budget, people. I am, after all, a practical girl)


Momma Bear said...

this year for my birthday Id love to go away for the weekend. Usually I like to go to give the kids to gramma, go to the movies with a yummy cup of coffee and then to a good restaurant with my hubby. I preferably like it when my husband takes the day off.

Heather of the EO said...

I cleaned and did projects on my birthday this year. and I really, really liked it. The kids were in the hands of someone else and I accomplished something. And it felt good. What more could I want? :)

The Three 22nds said...

hmmm...I am getting a lot of, "you just want babysitters? don't you want anything else?"

Are my kids that bad?

Karla said...

hey I will babysit..i never know what to get you anyway...and you didn't tell me if you wanted anything from Brasil. Oh but you should see what I got for the boys/ will love me forever(: actually it isn't that bad...let me know quick if you want anything..

Billi Jo said...

For my Birthday I simply want to go to The Cheesecake Factory.

NOAH said...

Karla - would you bring me another bottle of that Brasilian nation soda...Antarctica...or something like that...if you can't, no biggie.

Billi - good call. Have you tried the Texas Roadhouse yet? That's a little closer to you that CCF.

AllyJoy said...

That sounds like a great idea for your birthday! Sometimes getting ahead or catching up is the best gift because you no longer have that nagging project on the mind.

Mrs. Jo said...

Sounds like a fun list! Hopefully he will comply. Happy Birthday! I hope someday we can meet up in real life!

We usually go out to eat sometime around our B-day and do a dinner with my folks too.

Grandma Debbie said...

Happy Birthday, Julie!
I'm sorry we're not in town to babysit. We'd love to. Maybe you could celebrate by cleaning/organizing next weekend too........ I think we're available then.

Every birthday and Christmas I ask for little elves who will come in and clean while I am asleep. They must be expensive and/or hard to find; I never get them.