Friday, June 26, 2009

New Challenges with 3 Kids

I will get some pictures up at some point...but I am too lazy to go use the other computer!

2 years ago during labor with Lincoln I had a panic attack. And it wasn't really about the labor. It was about how in the world I was going to take care of 3 kids the oldest of which was not quite 3 1/2. And it was a logistical nightmare.

At the store if there were no 3 little person carts left, I would just about leave. I used a combination of baby carriers, strollers, and helpers to get my little people where we all needed to go. Oh, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

But over the last 2 years it has gotten easier. They all walk along with me when we go somewhere. I don't have to push anyone in a stroller unless I deem it easier nor do I have to carry anyone on my hip. Well, unless they are being noncomplient. Which does happen.

The logistics have been easier. Until yesterday.

May I introduce to you: 3 little bikes + 3 little boys + very little steering knowledge + cars + hot + tired + hated helmets + inappropriate bikes = 1 crazy mother of 3

Deacon is riding a 2 wheeler now and with the bigger wheels and no training wheels, he goes really fast. He is pretty cautious about cars and knows to stay by the curb. But yesterday on our ride his pedal fell off. There is always something.

Roman insists on riding his Big Wheels. He has no control over his big wheels, and has no concept and/or ability to stay near the curb. Not good. The baby would like to ride that one and actually seems to be in more control over it, mostly because he pedals with his feet and not the pedals. Roman has a small training wheel bike which he does well with. He just prefers his big wheels. Oh, and helmets make him claustrophobic.

Lincoln tries to handle his cup of water while riding on the inappropriatly sized training wheel bike (because Roman has the big wheels) which is pushed by mom.

Now, I know all you hardcore parents are saying, "just don't let them. Tell them that they aren't going if they don't get with the program and comply." And I do insist on helmets. But it is a whole compromise. If I told Roman he had to ride the other bike to go, he would just say, "I would rather not go then." And then Deacon wouldn't be able to go. Because, remember they are too close in age and too young for additional independence.

But next time I may try to think of a good way to convince the 2 younger ones that a stroller ride is truly in everyone's best interest.

I know it is in mine.


Momma Bear said...

Grateful to hear that for you too that about 2 years it will be easier for me. Joe will be 2 next april. But I hear you with the juggling act when they all want to participate in something. I'm in the midst of chaos right now and literally just hanging on. Trying not to let each day completely overwhelm me and pass me by but at the same time really looking forward to a year from now.

Karla said...

hey my pedal fell off yesterday too...good thing it was me and not mom..

Heather of the EO said...

Oh my... the chaos!!! Yes...gotta go with the stroller next time! :)