Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love Languages

Thanks for all your comments on my very important question! I have no conclusions, but I think it is interesting to note :) Now we just need to all compare our ACT scores :)

I hope to see if there are any studies out on this issue. I did a quick google search, but it looked like I was going to have to wade through a lot to find what I am looking for, and I don't have time right now.

And now for today's post:

Noah and I have very different love languages. His big two are probably gift giving and physical touch, and I am pretty much all about acts of service and quality time.

A couple of weeks ago we were having a conversation at the kitchen table. I was explaining to him some ideas I had about home/time management stuff and I was pleasantly surprised by how attentively he was listening. I remember thinking, "wow! He is paying super close attention, and he is even taking notes?!" Because, sure enough, he had picked up a pen and paper and was jotting things down.

I left the conversation wondering about the paper, but feeling good about what I thought had been accomplished.

Later I found the very same paper on my laptop. Apparently, the whole time I thought he was paying attention and "taking notes" (what was I thinking?!?! He NEVER takes notes!), he was actually writing a poem about all his favorite things about me.

Now, that is sweet, but I have to admit my initial reaction was annoyance. He wasn't paying ANY attention to anything I was saying. But I did get over it, quickly I might add, because the poem was very nice.

It just goes to show that
we just aren't always on the same page :)
And that is ok.
Sometimes it is ok to skip ahead.
or go back.


joolee said...

aaawww. I wanna see it! I would give anything to have Steve scribble me a little poem while pretending to listen to me talk about household management type stuff........

Poet Laure-not said...

I was paying some attention.

The poem, while perhaps sweet, is far short of literary genius.

My attention was quite split.

Matt said...

Nice username Noah... now that I know your attention was split I'm interested in hearing the poem, maybe it was like this:

When I think of you, I...must wash dishes.
Every time we're together I...have to vacuum upstairs *and* down.

Mrs. Jo said...

That's sweet although I can relate to your frustration! Sounds like you guys are two peas in a pod that were meant for each other!

Renae said...

Oh yes, the love languages...david and mine are very opposite too. I don't think there is a guy out there whose love language isn't physical touch??????????????