Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A first: losing my child in the store

I gave Deacon the job of putting apples in a bag.

I turned away for a moment to pick up something one of the other boys had dropped from the cart. When I looked back, Deacon was gone.

Panic was starting to rise, but I told myself, "stay calm, look around. He couldn't have gotten far."

"Roman, did you see where your brother went?"

blank stare.

I started walking around, scanning the produce department.


I started imagining him panicking somewhere, not being able to find me.

If I didn't find him soon I was going to have to ask the employees to put the store in lock down, or whatever they do.

I looked back toward the apples.

It was eerily quiet.

Just like in those tv shows when the kid is there one minute and gone the next.

I started scanning again.

Then I saw his shoes and the bottom of his cordoroy pants from behind the front fruit display.

They were standing next to another pair of shoes and pants.

I ran over there (dragging the other two along)

"Deacon! I have been so worried"

He stood there with his head cocked to one side and his chin resting on his hand.

He glanced at me.

The employee, who was stocking grapes next to him, said, "Your mom is here now, maybe she can help you decide what kind of grapes you get."

Then she smiled at me.

"He can't remember what kind of grapes you needed. He has been debating it and trying to remember."

Note to self: never tell my independent, mover and shaker, completely competent (or so he thinks) 5 year old what is next on the grocery list.


Momma Bear said...

oh geez, i was getting worried!

very sweet of him but they have no idea...

Renae said...

it puts you in a real panic doesn't it! Thank goodness he was only at the grapes!!!! What a good little helper.

Heather of the EO said...

Ugh, I wouldn't handle that well. THE PANIC!

What a smarty!