Monday, March 2, 2009

For the 2 of you who are wondering

Noah turned 30 last November.

Amazingly enough, he went into the DMV and renewed his license 5 days BEFORE his birthday. He came home and told me it was taken care of. He tucked the clipped license and the folded yellow paperwork into his wallet and promptly forgot about the whole thing.

Until Friday morning.

On Friday morning on his way to work he got pulled over.

"No big deal," the officer said, "I am not even going to give you a fix it. I just wanted to let you know that you have a tail light out. Most people don't know and it can become so dangerous if you lose the other one. Just let me check your license and insurance and you will be on your way in 2 minutes."

She comes back a minute later.

"Sir. Your license is expired."

"Oh, sorry officer. See the corner is clipped. Here is my paperwork."


3 car pile up two lanes away.

"I'll be right back" says the officer.

She comes back after getting the accident people off the road.

"I'd look into that. Your paperwork seems to be in order, but your renewel isn't in the computer. Have a good day."

Thank goodness for the wreck.

So Noah looks into it.

His license is "pending" and is valid only in our state until it gets unpended.

3 phone calls later he finds out that he failed to provide proof of insurance during an accident in Indiana in 2006.

Only he was never in an accident in Indiana in 2006.

The lady at Indiana's BMV said just to fax over proof of insurance during that time period and it would be unflagged in 7-10 days. Then when it is unflagged we can alert the DMV that the flag is gone so they can finish processing the license.

So we are faxing over the proof of insurance.

But we are still curious. We were in Indiana that weekend for a wedding.

There is no record of an accident on our insurance or in our minds.

We KNOW we didn't get a ticket. We would remember paying it.

I have a vague memory of getting pulled over...but what for? And why didn't we get a ticket? Especially if we didn't have insurance paperwork?

We are also wondering why the state doesn't alert people that their license has been flagged. Obviously, he should have remembered and followed up before this, but it would have been handy to have been informed that there was a problem.

I suppose we will never have the answers to these burning questions.

Unless my sister with the amazing memory remembers something about this?


peter said...

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but either

(a) The flag didn't show up or was ignored when he went in to renew his license, or

(b) Indiana is just now getting around to flagging licenses for events that took place in 2006, and did so in between Noah renewing his license and Friday's traffic stop.

Gosh, I can't wait until we put these people in control of our health care.

Seriously, I don't go looking for trouble said...

The flag would have gone up as soon as Indiana put the failure to provide proof of insurance in their system (presumably back in 06).

It did not come up until 2008 when I filled out my paperwork at the DMV for a renewal because that's only the initial check. Apparently. After you submit material there, it goes to the CDL (Commercial Drivers Licsence group) in St. Paul who run a check against all 50 states. That's where they caught the Indiana flag.

Why I was never told is goofy to me.

Momma Bear said...

how strange?!

Karla said...

I don't know remember...I am assuming that I am the one with the wonder memory. I do recall a few different stories a few different times...but nothing during that trip to the wedding. If you had invited me to go with you I might have remembered. That is really crazy.

Thia said...

What an inconvenience. I thought stuff like that only happened to us. The DMV once confused my husband with someone by a similar (not even same) name in a different state and held him up for a while.