Thursday, March 26, 2009

Desperate Times

Did I mention that I decided to do the Turtleman Triathlon again this year? It is 20 weeks away, so this is the 1st week of the twenty week training program.

It is always nice when the first week of training lines up with your worst cold of the year.

Anyway, one can not fight the calendar, so I have persevered.

Today I needed to do a 24 minute swim and a 24 minute run. Now, if you do 2 workouts in a day it is recommended that you not do them back to back. However, when you have 3 little children who are slightly on the edge of health AND you have an entire filing cabinet to organize tonight- well, I didn't have any other options but to do them back to back.

The first third of my swim I kept thinking about how much energy swimming takes. And how it is not that fun. And how my ring may fall off at any second and go down the drain.

The second third of my swim I started thinking that swimming really isn't bad. It is actually kind of fun.

The final third of my swim I started getting paranoid about my suit. It is really stretched out and I was nervous that it was seriously gapeing while I was swimming.After assessing the situation I realized that the guy next to me was swimming on his back anyway and my pastor (who works out where I do) wasn't in the general pool vacinity so I decided not to worry about it.

I hobnobbed with the lifeguard for a couple minutes and headed into the locker room to change and ran upstairs to start the run. My ipod was dead, which is never a good omen.

I spent the first mile of my run trying to figure out when I had last eaten. I remembered that I had forgetten to eat lunch when I fed the kids because I had been distracted by an email that I had to take care of. I deduced that around lunch time I had eaten a few bug bite crackers, 1/4 of a jawbreaker and a glass of chocolate milk. Not exactly high power work out food. I couldn't tell if the lightheadedness was from my cold or low blood sugar.

During the second mile my mind wandered to considering how embarassing it would be to pass out on the track. I know where the AED is. I figure the trainers do too. If I passed out from low blood sugar I wouldn't need the AED. Hypoglycemia leads to a PEA rhythm, which is treated by CPR and glucose. But the trainers wouldn't KNOW what the problem was, now would they? So they would probably want to hook me up, just to make sure I wasn't in a "shockable rhythm" or so they would be prepared if I suddenly lost my pulse.

All this led to the third mile in which I made three new resolutions:
1)always make sure I charge my ipod
2) go to a underwireless bra so that they don't have to cut it off when they have to shock me when my heart goes into a fibrillation from an undiagnosed heart condition.
3) if I am going to work out, eat a WHOLE jawbreaker, not just 1/4 of it.

Tomorrow you can look for a post on our first experience with urine sample collection with little boys. That stuff is liquid gold.


Matt said...

You're doing the turtleman? That's awesome! So have you actually signed up yet? I haven't, and I'm hoping it's not going to bite me in the end for procrastinating.
This was my first week of workouts, the public pool at Centennial HS doesn't open until next Tuesday, so it's just been running and biking so far (it'll be nice when summer comes around and I can use the lakes)

Billi Jo said...

Uh, oh I think my 500 mile club lead is seriously in jeopardy. Oh, and my eating habits have completely gone down the drain, too. Maybe next year I'll have to try a Triathlon.