Friday, February 28, 2014

February Goals!


I made this much more complicated this month

Run ten 8 min miles
one 10miler
two 8 milers
one 7 miler
two 6 milers
400 push ups
2 miles of lunges (I have .25 to do at work tonight and I will be done!)
2 miles swimming
10 days of strength training (9 days done, planning to stop at the weight room at work...a little cheater, but maybe ok)


kitchen floor
buy new dishwasher (toe kick and floor are done, maybe we will have time to buy one this weekend?!)
kitchen trim

bedroom closet- clean out and dejunk
clean carpets housewide
Entertainment center- clean out
Toy cabinets-clean out
Boys room- clean out
Put up third bed in boys room
Deep clean and declutter second bathroom
Go through 6 boxes in storage room (perfect to do while watching Olympics!)
finish deleting pictures
back up files
make Berean's yearly book (started!)
continue scanning


1st 4 weeks of Beth Moore Fruit of the Spirit(lost the book half way through month, working on James instead)
Read 4 books (maybe...did not read any?!)
Blog 18 times
Lots of school and standardized test prep! (we have had a good school month and I have spent most of my free time giving D spelling words)
Kid's dental appointments!

date with 4 kids  (maybe a little cheating...I took the boys to a movie, Bre had a dance recital and the Children's Museum was the special thing for the girls for the month.
playdate for Berean with friends
special play session with friends for boys
2 times out with friends for me
People over x2
Date night

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