Monday, February 24, 2014

Very Important Things

that I have been doing...

1. Lunges. Lots and lots of lunges- I am getting stronger though, and I can tell that I am improving!

2. Taking apart my oven door so that I can clean it.  No, I am not normally like that, but this oven design has multiple pieces of glass that you can't easily get out to clean, but things still drip down into there, so basically, we have streaky oven glass all the time.  Anyway, I ended up with an extra screw.  Hopefully not too important :)

3. Potty training Ever!  We are almost there, I think.  She has been doing great, and it doesn't hurt that she can hold it for  a loooong time.

4. Being crabby.  Seriously, I need to get out of this funk and try to set a new tone for this household.  I know that the kids take their cues from me, and the cues that they are getting are not positive ones.  

5. Putting our kitchen back together.  No dishwasher yet, but we are getting there!

6. Looking out the window at snow.  Drifts as high as the neighbors 6 foot fence.  It is bad, people.  This may be one of the reasons for #4 above.

Well, must get going and see if I can find some more pictures of prairie animals.  Prairie is a word that I struggle with spelling correctly...thank goodness for spell check!


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