Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Boy Meets Girl

We are working on some creative writing in our homeschool.  Deacon is writing  a story about Steve, a Minecraft character.  He has perfected the art of writing short, choppy sentences in order to avoid commas.  He gets his hatred of comma usage from his mom.

Roman is writing a series of chapters about his stuffed animals.  For awhile "Big Yoda" was the bully, but that apparently was eerily similar to one of Deacon's stuffed animals, which led to a fistfight about D's stuffed animal being a bad guy.  "Big Yoda" is now "Big Bunny" and the generic-ness of it has eased all tensions.

Roman is also writing a comic book.

This got me thinking again about blogging out about how Noah and I met, our dating years, our engagement and the beginning of our marriage.  I would like to get the details down on paper before I grow old and senile and forgot them.

I have considered this as a possibility before, but have always rejected it.  There are a couple of reasons.  First of all, both sets of our parents read this blog.  Now, I want the story to be an honest retelling of our lives, which obviously, our parents were a part of.  I am a little leery of opening up a story that was viewed by so many, with many different perspectives.  Also, from our early years the things that I remember are disjointed, odd things, and I do not always know the reasons they stick out in my mind.  The longer I live the more I realize that the things that I remember and the way that I remember things and the way I drive myself are all very unique.  You all may find my quite strange by the time I am done with the retelling.

So I am considering it yet again, and I just may write the story.  Maybe it will keep me amused during these long, cold, never-ending days of winter. We'll see.

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