Monday, February 17, 2014

10 Random Facts of Life

1. I don't like pictures of children with Santa, especially if the children are screaming and looking terrified.  It is just not funny. I am not sure why I just thought of that.

2. I came across a dress that I wore for high school graduation pictures- it still fits :)  Score one for the home team!

3. I am not a germophobe, and I don't mind using public restrooms if necessary..I have a really hard time, however, entering a bathroom and using it if I see someone come out of it right before I go in.  Even at home.

4. Along those same lines, they switched up the configuration of the charting area near our staff bathroom.  Now, when you go to the bathroom, there is a whole row of computers with people charting on them facing the bathroom door.  Very awkward and no one likes to use the bathroom anymore.

5. Apparently, today while out playing with the neighbors, Deacon removed whatever coat or shirt he was wearing for an epic snowboarding run. No shirt, just snowpants.  That's my boy.

6. Everyn is perfectly capable of peeing on the potty and is able to do so independently, whenever she so chooses.

7. I secretly love ice dancing.

8.  You know all of these lunges that I am doing?  Well, the results are dramatic.

9. Deacon managed to get 95/100 words right on his spelling test when the reward was going to the Lego Movie. Apparently the spelling problem is more of a lack of motivation vs. a lack of ability.

10. Grandma is going to be home tomorrow!  Just in time for me to tell her that I need her to make Roman and Lincoln glittery star costumes for the musical that they are going to be in- the trick is that the costumes can't look glittery, because the boys are very anti-sparkles and uncomfortableness.  Wish us luck.


Grandma Debbie said...

Ha, ha! Deacon told us how you said (emphatically) that ice dance is NOT a sport. Now it comes out that you secretly love it - sport or not.

Actually I think it has improved in recent years.

The Three 22nds said...


I think it has improved. I remember thinking it really lame in the past, but this year I enjoyed it more than the pairs figure skating.