Sunday, February 23, 2014


I know that I have been posting a lot of these lately, but between Deacon and Berean there are funny quotes everywhere these days!

Everyn is in the midst of potty training these days.  A couple days ago she came up to me with a suspect looking substance on her face.  I asked, as all good mothers do, "Goodness, girl, is that poop or peanut butter?!"  Deacon heard me from the other room and came back with this helpful advice, "If it is on her hands or her face, it is probably peanut butter.  If it is on her butt or her legs, it is probably poop."  Thanks, Deke.  Incidentally, it was peanut butter.

Tonight I was carrying Berean into the Y, she whispered in my ear, "Mom, I just can't stop loving you!"

And from facebook...

The Shirtless Snowboarder (who had a shirt on today): "I'm going to try and hit that jump...hopefully it won't lead to my early demise."

 QOTD: (found on a scrap piece of paper): "Woop Woop Mother Styl. Hay Mom woop woop Mother Styl. Sometimes I get mad but you feed me. You clothe me. Shelter me. Woop woop Mother styl" (future rapper in the making?!?) 

 QOTD: (Ever was standing at the top of the stairs screaming because she wanted to be carried down the stairs- she is perfectly capable of walking) Deke sees her crying and runs up the stairs, picks her up, baby talks to her and carries her down. Then he says to me, "Mom, we could call that 'The Good Brother'. It is like the 'Good Samaritan'. Dad walked by the crying baby, and he didn't help her. Mom walked by the crying baby, and she didn't help either. Then the Good Brother walks by and HE is the one that takes time to help the baby." #whathappenswhenyourkidsknowbiblestories

J: "Why did Molly send you home?"
D: "I don't know. I don't think it had anything to do with me snow boarding with no shirt on."

N: "Sweet Tarts and blue cheese are not good in the same burp."

D: "They're making space nuggets on the Millennium Falcon. What sort of animal do you suppose they'd butcher to make space nuggets?"
L: "A space cow?"

 QOTD: B: "I am an angry Queen!" and we all know there is nothing worse than that...

 QOTD (Watching the pairs skate):
D: "Dad, I'm pretty sure you and mom couldn't do that as well as they can."
N: "Really?"
D: "Yeah, Mom's too big."
J: "I'm almost as big as Shawn White"
N: "I think our problems start where neither of us can really skate."

 QOTD: Taxi Cab Confessions:

B: "When I was a baby I ate stolen candy. I broke some stuff. I cried a lot."

 QOTD: D: "going to bed every night is so boring"
Where we found the boys sleeping after Deacon stated that sleeping in his own bed every night was boring.

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