Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This is Berean's new bed.  Her daddy made it for her.  It's pink.  The butterflies and her name aren't on it yet, but they will be.  Her new sheets and her new quilt aren't on it yet, but they will be.  For now she seems perfectly happy with her Bob the Builder sheets and covering up with an old Care Bear sleeping bag that belongs to her aunt.

I guess it just proves that kids don't need all the fancy coordinated things to be happy.  Her room does not match and there is no theme, but that makes it hers- it is filled with all of the scattered crazy things that make her happy.

Would she love a room that is perfect matched and perfectly decorated?  Probably briefly.  For the moment of surprise.  But soon her own style would sneak it's way in; and it wouldn't look so Pottery Barn anymore.  And that is okay.

She likes the purple lamp on her wooden table.  She likes the odd assortment of pastel bunnies she rescued from Great Grandma's home.  She likes the fish, and the owl, and the chicken that Grandma painted.  She likes her white wooden B and Everyn's white wooden E.  She likes the sketches of Diego and Baby Jaguar that her brother drew for her and the dilapidated blue chair where we read stories. She likes her pink bunny from Grandma Joyce, and her pink crazy eyed dog from Deacon.  She likes her pink pig pillow pet and her polka dot blanket.

In fact, she likes her room so much that tonight at supper she announced that she would like to get in her bed and stay there for TWO YEARS!  It seems that she is so excited about her birthday, and she feels like she just can't wait anymore, that she has come to the conclusion that just sleeping until the big day would be a good thing.

Noah was teasing her a little and asking her, "Wouldn't you feel lonely up there all by yourself?"

"No," she answered.

"Why not?" he pressed, "I think I would get pretty lonely being in bed for two years."

"I wouldn't," she replied.  "Don't you know that we don't have to be lonely because God is always with us?"

"Good answer."  I don't think he was expecting that.

"He is the one that keeps us from being scared," she said.  "That is his job.  To keep us from being scared and alone."

Sweet dreams, Baby Girl.