Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Goals!

It is the second day of March already, and I haven't really done anything! Of course, I have been working, but that is one thing I don't have on a list!  By, the way, it was still below 0 on our way to church this morning, so it doesn't look like I will have to start any yard work this month!  Hopefully in April there will be things like "pick up sticks" and "repair garden fence" on my list.  But for now, it is all indoor stuff!  There are a few things I will probably be adding, but I can't remember them right now!

Personal Growth/Bible

*read 4 books
*memorize book of James
*find my Fruit of the Spirit book and get through week 5
*blog 18 times
*write Noah and My story for the blog


10 mile run
9 mile run
8 mile run
8 mile run
6 mile run
6 mile run
5 mile run
5 mile run
10 8 min miles at .5 or 1 incline, try to make some consecutive
swim 2 miles
400 push ups
2 miles lunges
lift weights 10 times


*buy dishwasher
*trim in kitchen/dining room/entry way
*go through kitchen cabinets
*go through dining room cabinets
*clean outside of cabinets
*bring stuff for youth garage sale
*Master Bedroom closet
*Paper sorting
*B's book
*Picture deleting
*clean carpets


*standardized tests
*spelling/language arts

*B's birthday party
*two outings with friends for me
*dates with kids
*2 times out with Noah
*people over x2
*plan out summer activities


Karla Olsen said...

don't forget to include me in summer plans :) Also maybe we should help each other memorize James... I am going through the book with my seniors and have thought about memorizing it.

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