Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sense of Humor, Anyone?

Deacon to his aunt, "If you have twins do they both come down the birth canal at the same time?"

Yes. My 6 year old said "birth canal". He then went on to make a joke about the twins needing boats since it is a "canal".

I also came to find out this week that since we have been a family with no girl-children up until 3 weeks ago, that my lovelies had been...um...shall we say uneducated in certain anatomical differences.

2 weeks ago: Deacon discovers that Berean does not have a penis when he walked in on a diaper change. Announces to his Grandma that she does not have one.

I think I get everything clarified.

This week: Deacon and Roman are shocked to discover that Berean still does not have a penis. They are even more shocked when I make it perfectly clear that all girls do not have one- including their aunts, Grandmas and every other girl they can think of. Roman in his cute Roman way wondered "How in the world do they pee?"

We were down the block at our friends today and Roman had to pee. Unfortunately we were a block away from my friend's house and when Roman suddenly announces he has to go, he needs to go. In addition he had clothed himself today over his footie pjs. (don't ask, I don't know). I let him pee in the grass. Lincoln did too. This is a problem because now Lincoln thinks that it is just what we do. But we don't. Really.

Do you notice anything about this post? All of this baby stuff, and me breastfeeding, and diaper changes, and potty training Lincoln, and peeing in the grass...is kind of leading to a sudden overabundance of potty talk at our house. I am trying to curtail it, but it is not going so well.

Any ideas anyone? How do I curb this impolite (and disturbing) habit?

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Renae said...

Oh man that is hilarious! Love it!