Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Baby Wears Blue...'Cuz That's What Slide Girls Do

Berean mostly wears pink when she is out, but when she is in for the night- she wears blue.

Every night when I put her in a "boy" sleeper I tell her she is my Slide Girl.

Let's back up to 1998.

I went to a National Youth Conference and there was a band there called "Lost and Found". And they sang a song called Slide Girl . They had made it up after they noticed a picture of a girl wearing blue on their slide projectors and no one knew who she was or how to get her image off the big screens.

Silly, I know.

But the boys have caught onto it and now Berean is our slide girl who wears blue, cuz that's what the slide girls do.

And the bonus? This morning Lincoln "said" (even though only I could understand him): "That's what slide girls do". His longest sentence yet. How sweet.


Karla said...

love that song(:

I also call her said...

Chicken Legs

Noah said...

Though it seems strange
The words always change
As we go along


Laura said...

...The people we see wearing blue could possibly become part of this song. When they wear blue...they could be slide girls too.

Johanna said...

thanks SO much for reminding me of that song, and the band, I just watched several videos on youtube. Ah, the memories.