Thursday, March 4, 2010

Long Time, No Post

I try never to post when I am crabby and on edge- which is why I haven't been posting this week.

The kids had my cabbage patch doll out and they were pretending it was our new baby. But then the game morphed into the doll being Princess Leia and they were hurrying her off to hide her from Darth Vader.

I think she is now laying forgotten in the bottem of the toybox while they are saving the galaxy.

One week ago I worked my "last" shift at work. There is still no baby, so I am getting twitchy. I have been pouring over coupons and how to lessen your grocery bill kind of books. It is amazing how much life slows down when you have 16-20 extra hours a week. I now have time to focus on the fact that we go through about 5 gallons of milk in a week (thanks to our resident milk-a-holic...I need to detox him). And that our grocery bill is just going to go higher as our boys get bigger.

QOTD: "Should I get some more hot water so we can sit down in our bath?" I think they accidently filled the tub with cold water. See me jump to go save the situation.

On the baby front: I am fairly convinced that my body is incapable of going into active labor on it's own. I was dilated to a 4-4.5 on Tuesday and completely effaced but still have not had progressing contractions. I get them and then they just peter out. They are not sure why. So we are just waiting. I feel a little bit like a ticking time bomb. And since there is a possibility that things could go really fast when they do start, I am slightly nervous that it will be a little stressful if Noah is at work when it happens. It is kind of nice to know that early labor is already done though, and I can check that one off my list :)

I am actually thinking, however, that an induction is in my future.

Well, I need to go started with my daily routine of laundry, walking and picking up toys...

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


mamafry said...

do you have your membranes stripped? put me into labor every time...

The Three 22nds said...


I have never had that done, but I am curious to see if they suggest that tomorrow. It looks like from the all-knowing internet that it is not contraindicated in a VBAC, which is what I wondered about :)

We'll see!

Heather of the EO said...

Are you having a baby right now???!!!

Just checking.

Lesley said...

I'm wondering if you're having a baby too!! :) Hope everything goes smoothly during labor and delivery, whenever it does happen! I can't believe you are that far dialated and not in active labor. Wow! You're right though -- at least early labor is already done! Be sure to post pics when you're not too busy with three little boys and a newborn!