Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 Quick Links

This post from the Pioneer Woman made me laugh out loud. "socially acceptable shoes"?! That is blogging awesomeness. The underwear and mismatched clothes...that is my life on Sunday mornings too. Trying to get the (un)tidy baby anywhere without spit up, Roman anywhere without inside out pj pants on...well, it is challenging. Love it. And maybe one day I will see my 4 men all dressed in coats, jeans and cowboy boots. But probably not.

And then there is Amy Lawson. I started running this week, but I haven't taken all of her suggestions to heart. I guess I will be heading out this week for some high calorie cupcake goodness and some super sports bras.

I love that there are other people like me in this world.

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AllyJoy said...

The nursing, running mom one is SO funny!! I was wondering exactly how that works as I didn't start running again until Oliver was at least 6 months old. I'm glad the challenges are recognized by someone!! :)