Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Big Day

So today was the day that we took little Berean home from the hospital AND the day we closed on our new lot! Wahoo!

Noah closed on the lot while I wrapped up things at the hospital. Then he picked us up and headed over to my parents to get the boys. The afternoon was spent getting caught up on laundry, picking up, putting away, feeding the baby (and everyone else) and managing to get some outside time in and a trip to the library. Of course my sister stopped by for awhile, so we were able to split some of those tasks up.

Here are some more pictures of our little daughter!

Her first name is from Acts 17:10, her middle name is the name of one of my grandmas.

I enjoy making my children look like little birds :) This was after a session with the comb, trying to get the rest of the vernix out of her hair.

I think she rocks the off-the-shoulder ninja shirt look, don't you? And maybe she looks just slightly drunk on milk?

Wow. We have a pink hat. What will we do? We are still a little surprised (but pleased) to have a girl!


Lauren Millington said...

So excited for you all! What a blessing!

Thia said...

Many congratulations. Remember the post you did on differences between first and third babies? There's another. You have your first, you go home from the hospital and go right to bed. You have your third, you go home and life goes on. LOL. Make sure you DO get some rest though.

Matt said...

WHOA! That hair, it made me do a double-take. You were definitely successful with the bird look - it helps that she has such long hair already.

AllyJoy said...

Congratulations! I love the pictures of your new little one. I bet you will do lots of double takes when you see her in pink and when you change her diaper:).

Anonymous said...

she is beautiful. congrats on your baby GIRL! =)