Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Firsts!

My kids are getting a little older and moving into new territory.

My husband is also changing a little.

Me. I am still the same. Lots of plans, not as much action.

But all that being said, I have decided to do a "Firsts" post to highlight some new things going on.

Here goes:

*I made a potato dish for supper tonight. I have been wanting to try this particular recipe for 9 years (got it at my bridal shower), but never have because *gasp* it takes 2 hours in the oven and this girl never considers supper more than 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to it needing to be eaten.

*Noah came in a few minutes ago from his run. I told him they had cancelled my shift so I wouldn't be leaving at 10:20 as planned. He said, "sweet. I guess I will go out and run another mile." WHAT!?? Noah voluntarily running MORE? What is this new world I am living in?

*A couple days ago Noah and I helped Deacon put together a little home for a toad he caught. I, of course, did not touch the toad because I am opposed to animals of all kinds.

*I watched my husband kill some flies in the house so that he could feed them to said toad.

* I had to release the toad today because we were afraid it would die from starvation if we did not. My little boy cried his eyes out in the backyard over his "pet". I gotta admit, although I felt a little bad for him, I was kind of like, "dude, when he dies of starvation you won't have him anyway. Isn't it better that he be free?" I wished Noah had done it because Noah has a lot more compassion than I do.

*Lincoln finally agreed to wear big boy underwear instead of just a birthday suit.

Well, I am off to eat my root beer float, which my husband picked up for me when he filled my van with gas (he is learning, dad!)

Good night!


Bug Assassin (feed the toad)... said...

Yes, I did go out and run another mile. But the "sweet" had more to do with not having to sleep alone with 2 sweaty preschoolers.

Auntie Kendy said...

Way to go Noah... filling up the tank for your wife. How sweet... and a rootbeer float on top of it!

joolee said...

been there with the toad/frog starvation issue.....the crying over it.......and the lack of compassion. Remember when i blogged about the dead mouse my kids wanted to keep for a pet? My kids have started to treat those little plastic frogs you can buy from a machine like real pets......they are in a water habitat in the backyard......i think they might believe that if they love them enough they'll turn "real" like Pinnochio?:(