Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lots of justification

One of the problems with being a laid back mom is that sometimes your two year old slips through the cracks (figuratively, not literally. It was the 5 year old who...oh never mind). Anyway, sometimes the 2 year old may end up wearing his "Naps Are the Enemy" t-shirt for 2 days and 2 nights straight.

Why didn't I change it?

-everytime I try to change his clothes he shrieks "no" and pushes them away. We are potty training and so I am being rather bossy about that, so I am trying to pick my battles.

-he has just been running around the back yard for the last couple days and honestly, I am just kind of glad that he has anything on.

-when we have gone places it has been with different people so no one knows he is wearing the same clothes. And if we did see the same people, how would they know that I don't own 2 size 2 shirts that are identical. Hmm...the food stains may give it away. But really, I pay very little attention to what any other kid is wearing, so why should anyone notice my kid's attire?

Is that enough justification?

I am sure my mom and mother in law are cringing that I just shared that. Everytime I pick my kids up from their houses they have been given baths, haircuts or have had their fingernails clipped.

But maybe that is what Grandmas are for.


gma pam said...

I was not cringing, but remembering a few little girls who each had certain "uniforms" they wore at different times in their lives, so 2 days in a row doesn't bother me. Stinky and sticky does bother me and bathtime is almost relaxing (until they get out)since they are ALL IN ONE PLACE AT THE SAME TIME!! Right, Debbie? And I am all for picking your battles when it comes to potty training, so do what you must and take care of the rest later. (It's a cute shirt anyway!)

Elise said...

I feel like I don't give Alethea baths often enough. Maybe instead of stressing about it, I should just drop her off at grandmas...

The Three 22nds said...

when Deacon was a baby I gave him a bath every other day.

Now they take a lot of baths/showers because they like to and we always do when we go swimming etc. But I only wash their hair once a week, and they usually handle their own baths except that that once a week "true bath time"

Elise, I am pretty sure you give Alethea enough baths :)

Heather of the EO said...

Yes, most certainly. These are the things that Grandmas are for. I'm certain. :)

Grandma Debbie said...

I never see them first thing in the day, so who can tell if it's one day's accumulation of stains or two???