Monday, August 3, 2009

Controversial Monday: The Complimentary Mosquito Slap

Have you guys been there?

You are sitting around a campfire and out of nowhere you get slapped upside the head.


Because someone wanted to kill the mosquito that was perched on your ear.

Or, you are on a lovely evening walk, talking about all the deep secrets of your life when suddenly you are gasping for breath from a sharp whack to the back.


Because someone wanted to kill the mosquito that was setting up a phlebotomy lab on your shirt.

I am not a fan of the out-of-nowhere-kill-the-mosquito-chop accompanied by blood splatter and a triumphant "got 'em!"

What about you?

Is it ok? Is it socially acceptable? Is it better if your spouse does it? Is it alright for a perfect stranger to do it, because after all, we are all partners in the mosquito eradication business?

What say you on this August Monday?


Karla said...

where did you come up with that one? It reminds me of a BWCA trip where we made it a game. Was there REALLY a mosquito on you or not? So we would just randomly hit each other around the campfire...and then the other person would have to guess if there had actually been a mosquito. Really when do they ever get the mosquito- so you never really know if they are just hitting you for no reason! I don't really care...maybe I would if it was someone I didn't know well or if they were creepy. We all know you would hate it(:

peter said...

Smash bug first, ask questions later.

Grandma Debbie said...

It's nice to be warned before the slap,and the force of the blow should be proportional to the pest, but hey, you may just be spared from contracting some nasty mosquito-borne disease.

Bug Assassin said...

Death to all mosquitos!

Matt said...

1) Is "Bug Assassin" Noah?
2) Does Noah give you (Julie) the gasp-for-breath-hit?

I might be inclined to brush a mosquito away from someone - but pretty much only for people I know really well. And "know really well" means that I would also be willing to hit them for no apparent reason - that subset of people is fairly small.

Elise said...

My thoughts would be along the lines of Grandma Debbie.

Bug Assassin said...

The "brush-off" doesn't work because mosquitos are not so easily thwarted. The only way to stop a mosquito is pulverize its heart between its sternum and its vertibrate.

Billi Jo said...

I’d rather not be the unaware recipient of the impact associated with “pulverizing its heart between its sternum and its vertebrate.” However, on occasion, I’ve been known to land a few blows, whether in jest or plain revenge for something completely unrelated to bug smashing, like not listening to the conversation, mocking me, or simply being annoying.

Laura said...

I for one am a fan of killing all things resembling mosquitos. They like to eat me too much and swell so badly that I appreciate someone killing it for me and saving me the itching later.