Friday, August 7, 2009

Boy, I can work myself up

I can be a little high strung.

Now, not about everything.

I am pretty relaxed about my children.

But if it rains on a prime deck building day.

or something ends up costing a little more than expected.

Well, sometimes I can act like it is pretty much the end of the world as we know it.

Living with an extremely laid back husband can be helpful.

But it can also be bad.

Because sometimes I just want him to panic with me.

So I spend all my energy trying to get him to panic.

Sometimes it works, and sometimes I think it makes him think that I am insane.

I am working on it.

Just heard these lyrics to a new Daryl Worley song,

"Man, I know it's tough,
but you gotta suck it up
To hear you talk you're
caught up in some tragedy
Sounds like life to me."

So today, as I sit here I
watch the rain falling onto my partially constructed deck and
listen to the computer game that Noah and the boys are playing

and I tell myself:
This is not a tragedy.
Really, it is good.

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