Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cram Session

I have about a week and a half before my life changes.

I have to start homeschooling Deke. And I am happy about that, but it is going to take an adjustment, even though it is just Kindergarten. The boys and I are used to doing things and going places and just kind of formulating our schedule by what we feel like each day.

It is the way that I like to operate.

And now we have to add school in.

So I am making lists and schedules and trying to decide how rigid I am going to be. Does this mean me never working at the hospital during the week? Does it mean only going to the Y after lunch?

All these are things I need to start figuring out. And I will.

Probably next week. Maybe, today, we will go to the park.

By the way, my K key is broken and flopping around. How annoying. How can I fix that?


joolee said...

cram session.......that's what I'm in the middle of....trying to cram in a LOT more summer fun.....getting my entire life in order before the schedules and activities of another homeschool year start......I'm so not mentally ready yet.

Lesley said...

I'm cramming seems like it kind of snuck up on me. This past week I finally got myself in gear and got prepared. I think we're finally ready! It helped that we've done some informal stuff at home already. I'm just hoping I don't fail at this since I'm totally new at it. I tend to like structure and schedules and something to follow and I'm just so worried that I'll screw something up and my daughter will be stuck in kindergarten for the next five years.
Anyway, good luck with everything -- I'm sure it will all work out great for you guys! :)