Monday, August 10, 2009

Controversial Monday: Bathroom Reading Material

Now, I don't have any reading material in my bathroom.

And I don't judge people who do.

Really. I don't.

If they want Reader's Digest, the paper and crossword puzzles in the general vicinity of 3 year old overspray, that is their business. But it is not for me.

And if I ever use someone elses bathroom I would never consider touching the bathroom reading material.

I don't care if you have reading material in your bathroom or not. But what I do want to know is what about when you visit other people's bathrooms? Would you ever consider purusing their reading material, or is that some sort of violation of appropriate bathroom code?


peter said...

Heh, this has the potential to go downhill in a hurry ...

My office gets 3 copies of the Wall Street Journal every day. We used to get 2 copies, but certain people made a habit of taking the paper into the can with them. So now we have an extra copy that is designated "clean."

My MO in any bathroom that isn't mine is not to touch things that I don't absolutely need to.

Auntie Kendy said...

I have to tell you I've never given this any thought... but now as I do, here it is...
Should you happen to be in someone else's bathroom long enough to read-maybe you should be at home taking care of business.
Yes, life brings "surprises" but I think in that case, hands off other's stuff... for both of your sakes!

The Clutters said...

I have never read any bathroom reading material in other people's restrooms. I'm not usually using someone else's bathroom for a long enough period of time to do that anyway!

Grandma Debbie said...

We don't keep reading materials in the bathroom, and it would have to look very interesting before I would pick up anything in anyone else's bathroom - particularly if the toilet lid is left open on a regular basis. - But that's a different controversial subject.