Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweaty Head Reduction Plan: Summer '09

We got a lot of sweaty little heads around these parts. And though they don't smell HORRIBLE, it is not exactly like a walk through the lilacs. This summer, I am taking matters into my own hands and creating a new plan to minimize the amount of sweat that gets wiped on me.

1. Polar fleece to be banned from wardrobes and bedding as of June 1st

2. Mandated monthly haircuts with buzzer set at a 3 (this also helps with wood tick/deer tick isolation and eradication)

3. Baths QD and prn (for you non nursing types that means "every day and as needed")

4. Personal fan for Deacon at bedside

5. Central AC in use despite the cost

6. Mom to keep a towel at hand for wiping off heads.

7. Mom to keep a towel at hand for wiping any residual sweat off of herself after hugs

8. Plenty of water and popsicles to increase coolness and hydration on the hottest days.
(to come: sticky popsicle residue reduction mission for summer 2009)

9. Pairs of shorts or boxers instead of full sets of pjs

10. Lots of pool time, that way I can't tell if it is sweat or just wet. It makes me feel better.

Oh, how I shudder at the sheer volume of fluids lost.

But oh how I love those sweaty little boys.


Momma Bear said...

your reduction plans are great! This is cracking me up!

Rachel said...

Great post! Loved the title especially. We have a couple of sweaty heads here too. Do girls' heads sweat like little boys? You'd think there's would be way worse due to more hair.

Kim said...

Our boys just got their summer cuts. We used the 1/4 inch guard on the clipper, mostly because the 1/8 inch guard has gone missing. I just love my sweaty little boys. Sweaty dirty boys means it has been a good day.

joolee said...

We're so close and yet so far away. My kids wore their winter coats to our softball game last night. I'm still much more worried about frostbite than sweaty heads.