Monday, May 18, 2009

Settlers anyone?

The counter is done. Well it still needs to be sealed.

And then we need to put the sink back in.
And pick a new faucet.
And caulk everything.
And plumb it.
And put all the hardware back on everything.
And resize the mirror/buy a new mirror (the new back splash is taller than the old one).
And put a new light fixture.
And reinstall the toilet.
And re-caulk the shower

When does it end?

(Thanks to Billi for the idea of tiling the counter. Thanks to Julie for letting me buy hexes! :)


Momma Bear said...

lovely! hexagon tile, cool!

Genna said...

Settlers is all well and good, but it's Dinosaurs that I'm excited about. :)

Deimel-Lurker said...

Now we just need to mark them for the resources you can collect for each hex . . .

Lesley said...

I love that counter!! It's beautiful!! :)

That's awesome that you read lots of books to your boys. Our girls absolutely love books too and I should really spend more time reading to them. My husband does read to them a lot and works with our oldest on memorizing Bible verses which is fun for her.

Those books you're going through sound great! What a great way for your kids to learn their history. I should really go to the library and check out some books like that and add it to what we're already working on in the curriculum we have.

Thanks for the tip about running being better than swimming for weight loss. I had heard that before but I was choosing to stay in denial because I like swimming so much and have never been good at running (except for short distances - I was awesome at the mile run growing up in school :)

I know you're right, though. I need to break out of my swimming comfort zone and hit the track. I am also considering joining a strength training class twice a week at the Y so I can target specific muscle groups. So, now my questions (I just love having a plan and something to shoot for)...What type of running shoe do you suggest? I need to buy a pair anyway since I don't have any. Also, how long do you suggest I run to start out? What's a good pace to keep -- is it just about keeping your heart rate up to burn the calories and thus lose the weight?

I hope you're right and that my cardiovascular health has improved since I started swimming and that I won't collapse in exhaustion when I try running. :)

tom m said...

The tile does look great!! for when does it end? Pretty much never!!!