Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Little Boy's Paradise

The boys could have spent their whole vacation at this park in Sioux Falls...
See all those rocks and all that water? No railings. They could go anywhere and climb on anything. Well, anywhere that their mama would let them. Which was pretty much anywhere she or the Daddy man would go.

See the big boy jumping the gap? See my little boy hanging on the rail watching?
We didn't do that. I gauge my level of recklessness on where the nearest Level 1 trauma Center is located. It wasn't close enough.

Here we are heading down the into the crevice. See Roman's hands on his head? He does things like that when "it is so scary!"

Daddy and the boys

I am pretty cool - even though it looks like I only have one arm.

Helping Roman avoid the muck.

Lincoln was so funny. He loved climbing on the rocks and dancing. While we were waiting for the light show to start he did this whole rolling all over the grass thing to amuse himself. He also amused the teenage girls nearby. And his mom and grandma.
While at this park Roman stated that he needed to use the bathroom. I took him to the public facilities and he decided he didn't need to go. Something about the poop smeared all over the walls turned him off to the idea. Oh, and the crack in the toilet. He doesn't like broken toilets. On a side note, he was pleased as punch when one of the bathrooms we went to (and believe me we saw the inside of A LOT of bathrooms) had a "cover, just like ours".
But I digress. Anyway, he apparently decided that pooping in his pants was less disgusting than pooping in the available toilet. Well, he thought that until he did it. Then he very quickly realized that the toilet may have not been so bad after all.
I threw his pants out. What else could I do? And do you know what? It never happened again.


Karla said...

i remember that and I am also glad you didn't let him jump!

Elise said...

I'm a little concerned that the boy jumping in the picture isn't going to make it! Yikes! I'm glad you didn't let Deacon try it.

It does look like everyone had fun and lots of adventures. Glad you all made it home safely.

joolee said...

I'm thinking this will be the next Sopha family vacation. I'd love to hear any other recommendations of places to visit or stay......

Jamie said...

Ha ha ha! I love the part about throwing out the poopy pants. That is such a Julie thing to do! Adorable pictures!!!