Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Day

It has been a pretty crazy day, as if it ever isn't crazy around here.

The baby pulled a piece of furniture over on himself- thankfully he was unhurt and up and running quickly after the incident. He then managed to use some special almost 2 year old evade and escape techniques and very nearly got left in the front yard alone, which is, I am pretty sure, what he was going for.

Later in the afternoon I read Deacon 5 chapters of his chapter books. Yes. 5 books, 1 chapter was read out of each. And they are all about the same characters: The Littles (a tiny family that lives in the walls of normal sized people's houses). He insists that we read them all at the same time even though it seems awfully confusing to me.

Later I went to pull some food out for supper and noticed that our freezer/fridge was no longer functioning as a vehicle for food preservation. Maybe something about the 95 degree day pushed it beyond what it could bear. We did know that it was on it's last legs, so we were not too surprised.

We ran over to our local appliance center and bought a new one, which will be delivered tomorrow. Most of the food was stashed in the deep freeze, and our refrigerated items are being lovingly babysat by my friend/neighbor Jamie and my parents. It is so nice to have your people close at hand :) Thanks, guys :) Someday I am going to do something nice for Jamie and my parents, but so far they just always bail me out.

Noah's parents stopped over and Chris helped Noah create space for the new fridge. They seem to enjoy whacking things with hammers. Thanks Chris!

I thought it was bedtime, but now Noah is putting the bathroom back together. He is becoming quite the overachiever :)


The Over-Achiever... said...

One month later the toilet is nearly operational again!

Kim said...

I LOVE the Littles! I read them when I was small and bought some not that long ago so I can read them to my boys. I have this irrational fear that books I love I'll no longer be able to get when they are finally age appropriate. I bought Hatchet for the same reason. Every 13 year old boy must read Hatchet. Who cares if I'm 8 and 11 years early?

Lesley said...

Sounds like a busy and interesting day!

Also, you totally just made my day by telling me that I could buy $40 Nike running shoes and be okay!! Whenever I've had to buy shoes for working out or for volleyball in the past, I would cringe when I looked at the price tags because I just HATED the idea of spending $100++ on shoes. I just always wondered if it was absolutely necessary to spend that much and if I didn't, would I really wreck my feet or have horrible running/volleyball experiences?

Anyway, I'm going to look for a pair soon and hope to do my "trial run" (haha) to see where I'm at as soon as I have the shoes. Now I'm actually kind of looking forward to mixing up my work-out routine a bit. Thanks for the tips!

The Three 22nds said...


I read Hatchet. And I found another Littles book and 2 in the My Father's Dragon series at a garage sale this morning! Yah!


I said that I wear $40 Nikes :) you gotta figure out what works for your feet. But it is POSSIBLE for that to work :) Good luck! Tell me how your "trial run" goes!