Friday, May 8, 2009


Deacon was born in Terre Haute, IN. We lived there for a couple of years while Noah was getting his Master's Degree. We had a great time. But it was also a hard time for me.

I really missed my family a lot. I had only been a nurse for a year, and had accepted a job in TH working fulltime 12 hour nights in the ICU. I had never worked ICU, and I had never worked 12 hour shifts or nights before. It was kind of stressful.

We got connected with a church right away, however, and we made friends quickly. Those friends were definitely a God-send for me.

During nurses week at the hospital one year I won a gift certificate for a massage. I know that most of you know this, but for those of you who don't: I don't really like people getting all in my space. And getting a massage is a little in my space.

Let me just say it like this: I don't like people touching me.

I am anti-massage.

I graciously accepted the certificate though and thought I would maybe give it a try. Until I saw the name of the masseuse. He was a middle aged gentleman who sang in the choir at our new church. I knew him because his wife and I had worked together on the christmas program at the church. He had forgotten the candles in his garage on the day of the production.

So that was pretty much never going to happen. If there is anything worse than getting a massage from a stranger, it is getting a massage from a middle aged man who sings in the choir at your church.

So I decided to give it away.

No one wanted it.

Noah thought it was too creepy to get a massage from a dude.
My friends thought it too creepy to get one from a man they knew.
One of them did admit that he was "in pretty good shape" for an older man, but still declined.

I ended up giving it to the youth pastor, who felt sure she could find a good home for it.

I like to think it kept some poor naive soul from searching for a massage at the "International Institute of Health and Happiness" in downtown Terre Haute.

Now that place was sketchy.

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